Getting A Gun On The Cheap

walther-gun-2Whether it’s for sport, hunting or home protection, a gun is something that can prove to be very useful provided it is used and stored safely. These machines have been a part of human culture for hundreds of years and make an excellent addition to most any household. The only problem is that guns can get pretty expensive.

While you don’t want to cheap out completely and get something that is likely to backfire or jam, you don’t want to have to get something that will cost you an arm and a leg. You also want to ensure that you are buying something completely legal. So where can you get something priced low, yet will legit?

Well, you have a couple of options. The most obvious being a gun show. You’ll have a large selection of various types of firearms at a range of prices. Best to go in and do a full look around to see what’s there and compare prices before you buy. These shows will carry a huge selection of everything from handguns to rifles so you’ll more than likely find an ideal one for you.

But what if there’s no gun show? A Hollywood pawn shop is a great alternative. Guns are frequently pawned and pawn shops are governed by law to ethically and legally buy and sell firearms. That means that you are getting something legit and usually for a good price.

You could try a private owner, but this can get tricky if someone is trying to sell an illegal firearm, so I would advise that you stick to the above to ensure that you stay on the right side of the law.


Finding Vintage Watches

watchesIf you’re a watch collector, then you know just how expensive it can be to add to your collection. Watches are one of the most subtle and yet also obvious ways to flaunt style and taste, and many watches will have you paying quite the pretty penny for them. So while some prefer to add to their collection of Rolex watches or Breitling watches, others like to look for something a bit different: vintage watches.

One of the lovely things about collecting vintage watches is that no two collections are quite the same. And you’re not necessarily looking for certain brands or models, but rather you are trying to find something unique and interesting. Only in a vintage watch collection could you find a Tag Heuer sitting proudly next to a Casio. So a high price is not a requisite.

Only trouble is finding such watches. Usually, what you can find online will be a bit on the expensive side. After all, most people won’t bother to list their watches unless they believe them to be of some substantial value. This is where thrift stores and pawn shops come into play.

These are two great places where you can find the unexpected. If you’re just looking for interesting watches, not necessarily expensive ones, then this is a treasure trove. Especially in larger cities. A pawn shop in Miami will yield more finds than one in a small town. You’ll be able to browse through many different ones till you find something you like. Usually, you can haggle the price a bit and get something that won’t break your bank. Pawn shops can also hold onto items for you if you’re willing to put down a deposit, which is an added benefit.

Common Things Of Value

moneyWe often have loads of stuff lying around, gathering dust. Some of these things are literally junk. But others can be worth a pretty penny. The trouble is that it’s not always easy to tell if something is valuable or not. So we often hoard our old things on the basis of potential value, rather than sort out the trash from the treasure. It all depends on our ability to sift through it all and pull the gems out.

Fortunately there are a couple of ways to tell if you have something of value on your hands. It all boils down to a bit of research. Sure, you could try to find someone to appraise your items (or go to a pawn shop like!pawn-it—sell-it/cee5 or something like that) or, you could try a different approach. The best way to find the value of your items would be to  try to buy them online. Say you have an old, porcelain lamp. Go online and try to buy one as similar as possible and you’ll have a good idea of the price.

Sometimes the item itself isn’t all that valuable, but there is a niche market. Old video game systems and computers sometimes can turn up a fortune to the right buyer. Again, looking up the item as if you personally wanted to buy one will give you the idea of what you can expect to make off of it.

Don’t be surprised if you stumble across something that’s worth quite a bit. Everything from books to old spirits could be worth something. You just have to find the right market.

Don’t make it a big undertaking, trying to go through all of your stuff to find treasure all at once. Pick a few items at a time, and if you have something worthless, then you can get rid of it or put it up in a garage sale or donate it.

Finding The Value Of Your Jewelry

diamondsMany of us are sitting on top of valuable treasures and not know it. Old jewelry that has been passed down for years can sometimes be worth more than one would at first assume. The only problem is that you need to be able to find out what it’s really worth from someone who will give you an accurate and honest figure. This means that you need someone trustworthy and knowledgeable. This can sometimes (who am I kidding, often) be hard to find. That’s why the best approach is to try to get the data from several sources and then you’ll have plenty of opinions to go through.

First, there’s the internet. Very often you can write down a description of the type of jewelry that you have, and what year it came from (if you know) to get some general idea about the piece. Try to look for any identifying marks on the item, like numbers indicating the purity of the metals, or perhaps even a mark from whoever made it.

You can also try a pawn shop. Sometimes they have people who are knowledgeable about jewelry working there so they can give good appraisals. Just keep in mind that pawn shops are trying to make money off of your items, so whatever they tell you they will pay for it, consider that it is worth more. The good thing is that in the USA pawn shops are everywhere, so you can get many different appraisals in a single afternoon.

There’s always hiring a professional to do the appraisal, but they cost money. If the item you have really isn’t worth much, then that would be a waste. Better to get an idea of the value of the item by doing the above first, and if it seems like it could be a real treasure, only then hiring a pro.