Holding A Successful Garage Sale

banknote-15801_960_720When you’ve got too much junk and clutter around the house, a great way to deal with it is to hold a garage sale. This way you have the possibility of making a little money, and whatever you do not sell, you can throw out anyways. But there is more to a garage sale than just putting you stuff out on the lawn and throwing up a sign. You want it to be successful, right? Then follow the tips below to maximize your profits:

  1. Dust and clean off your items before placing outside. Dusty and dirty objects won’t sell for as much.
  2. Post ads for your garage sale in advance online. Include what kinds of things you have to offer in the listing.
  3. When placing signs, hit all the major streets in your area, and remember to get both directions of traffic.
  4. Don’t price things too high. Remember that people go to garage sales for a bargain. High prices can be off putting. People will haggle of course, but don’t expect to make a small fortune.
  5. Arrange your items by category. Electronics with electronics, books with magazines, etc. Make it easy to navigate.
  6. Anything that you think is of real value, research online before putting out for sale. You don’t want to sell pearls for pennies after all.
  7. If some items don’t sell, try taking them to a Hollywood pawn shop before throwing them away. Give making money one last chance!
  8. If you can, try to hold the garage sale over the course of a three day weekend. Give yourself as much time to sell as you can.

Those tips should help you do well at your next garage sale. Only variable is what you are actually selling.

Getting The Most For Your Online Sales

shop-1298480_960_720When trying to sell your used items online, you can face a lot of competition. There are typically dozens (if not more) of people selling similar items. This will often lead to some charging way less that then would like in order to stick out among the rest. While this can be a valid tactic, it is not the only one. So to assist you in your online sales endeavors, here are a few tips to help make you an online sales success.

  1. First you need to have good pictures of the item. Clean the item (if applicable) well and then take the photo of it against a solid color background (white is best). Ensure there is lots of lighting. If there are any imperfections, photograph them too and add that to the listing (you will be more trustworthy and also have a better chance at getting a good rating.
  2. See what others are charging and if there is a lot of competition, try charging only a few cents less. Many people list their items at the exact same price they see others selling for, and if a potential buyer sorts by lowest price, those few cents will put you on top.
  3. If the item has additional pieces that come with it, add that as part of the listing. Things like “with power cable” or “carrying case included” add to the value and should be mentioned.

These three tips (though basic) can really go a long way to helping you see your items online. This will also help you if you are trying to get a good price for them at a local pawn shop (like this one: http://uspawnjewelry.com/#!locations/cfvg) too. Even garage sales revenue can be boosted by applying the above simple rules.

Getting More For Your Items

flea-market-467729_960_720When you’ve got stuff to sell, you, of course, want to get as much money for it as possible (unless you’re purely in a hurry, in which case just take the stuff and go!). So it helps to know how to go about selling if you plan on raking in the cash. To help you out, here’s a few tips to keep in mind when trying to sell your stuff.

  1. If selling online, post lots of photos. This will increase the chances that people will look at your ad or listing. Lots of high-quality photos that show the honest condition of the item.
  2. Get an idea of the price range by searching for the same item yourself. Pretend you want to buy another and see what others are charging. This will give you a feel for the water. Also check how long the item was available at that price. If the listing is very old and the item still for sale, you know the person was charging too much.
  3. Clean up the item as much as possible. This is especially applicable to tools and things that tend to get dirty. A clean looking item can be sold for more (definitely do this before taking photos!).
  4. If you’re trying to sell gift cards and your immediate friends/family don’t want them, take them to a pawn shop. Many pawn shops will buy unused gift cards like these guys: http://uspawnjewelry.com/#!gift-cards/cnwsb.
  5. Slightly list the item for more than you’re willing to part with it for so that you have a little wiggle room when the potential buyer inevitably tries to haggle with you.
  6. You can bundle items together and potentially get more than you could individually (like a TV and a DVD player or a set of power tools).

Hope the above tips help you out!

When To Be Haggled

price-tag-374404_960_720When trying to sell your stuff, you have a clear objective which is to get as much money for each item as possible. Now, when one is buying items, theirs is the exact opposite: to pay as little as possible. So this is why when you’re holding a yard or garage sale, or listing items online for sale, you are going to encounter people who will try to haggle your price down. Sometimes, you should hold fast, and other times, it’s good to yield a bit.

But when to do what? Well, here’s a few pointers to help you out with this depending on the circumstance.

If you’re having a garage/yard sale, then you should start off by marking up your items by a few dollars. Nothing outrageous, but a few bucks higher than what you really want. Then when people try to haggle you, you’ll have a little bit of room to play with without going below your desired figure. If someone is trying to really knock a lot off of the price (to the degree that it seems unfair to you) then don’t budge. Never be so desperate to get a sale that you get screwed.

If you are selling online and the person has called to inquire about the item, they may ask for a reduction in price right then and there. Again, use your judgement and see how much you really want for the item and stick to your ground. However, if the person called, and then arrived to pick up the item and are NOW asking for a reduction, then don’t budge. They came out there knowing the price and were willing to pay it. Now they are trying to save a few dollars, but they probably won’t want to leave empty handed. Simply tell them that you’re sorry, but they will need to pay the agreed price.

Remember, if you fail to get the sale because of your refusal to lower the price, you could always pawn your items later on if need be.