When To Buy New Or Used?

adult-15814_960_720When trying to save money, one can consider buying used items rather than shelling out for completely new things. And in this day and age of the internet and online vendors, finding either has never been easier (not to mention places like pawn shops FT Lauderdale, craigslist, etc.). So it no longer is a matter if one can find a certain item, used, for sale. Rather, it is really up to whether or not a used item should be purchased in lieu of a brand new one.

Obviously new things will cost more, so when it is actually advised to buy something new? Well, let’s take a look.

In terms of cars, I would NEVER advise to buy new. A car will lose value the moment you drive it off of the lot. Sure, some cars maintain their value, but that would still be true of a used one.

Tires, on the other hand, should be bought new. I’ve had plenty of troubles with used tires before and I would just say that new ones should be purchased.

Electronics are also something that I would recommend buying used. From TVs to video game consoles, these things, provided they are tested first, can be bought used with certainty and will work just as well as new ones but for a lot less.

Computers can also be bought used. In fact, a very powerful system can be purchased for very little money of one buys the parts (used) and assembles it all themselves. It required a bit of know-how, but a great PC can be obtained this way for only a few hundred dollars (as opposed to thousands for pre-built systems).

Finding Value In Unexpected Places

flea-market-672275_960_720Whenever you go to a thrift store, or flea market (or any type of places where you can find items quite cheaply) you will generally find two types of people browsing around. The first type are regular customers, people looking for a bargain on something they wish to personally use. The second are known as “pickers”. These are people who go looking for items that can be resold for a profit. These pickers can usually be identified as they will be buying a variety of different items, and will constantly be looking on their phones, checking the prices of things online. They do this because one can easily make over $100 in just looking around thrift stores, Ft. Lauderdale pawn shops, garage sales, etc. by buying items that are marked way down and reselling them.

So this can actually be a pretty viable source of income, but you need to know a few things, including where to look and what to look for. So here’s a few tips:

  1. When checking the value of something online, look too see what it SELLS for, not what it is typically LISTED for. You’ll get a better idea of what profit you could make.
  2. When first starting, until you get a feel for whether things are worth buying or not, check over a lot of things. You’ll greatly increase your knowledge base that way.
  3. Look for name-brand items, especially in electronics (though, don’t immediately discount brands you never heard of as they can sometimes be valuable).
  4. If the item is electronic, test it out thoroughly before buying it.
  5. Check the items you want to buy thoroughly for cosmetic damage.
  6. Set yourself a budget when going out picking and don’t exceed it.