Cleaning Out For Spring Cleaning

broom-1837434_960_720We are soon entering upon that part of the year when flowers start to bloom. Winter gives way to warmer weather and the world begins to spring forth with life…unfortunately this is also the time of year associated with cleaning out one’s home (which may or not be a welcome idea depending on who you are).

This can often leave one looking at piles of stuff that is no longer regularly used. Things like old clothes, appliances, tools, even furniture and make it into the category. One could simply throw these things out, but there is a much better solution for all of these things.

Let’s start with clothes. Unless you have someone looking to buy your old clothes, you’re better off donating them. You can make it a tax-deductible donation and see some kind of monetary return that way. Plus, you are doing something good for others.

Next there are things like tools and appliances and electronics. You could sell each item individually online and this would be the best way to make the most money from them. But if you are looking for a quick way to get rid of all of it, I would suggest using a pawn shop in Davie to sell it rapidly. Again, it won’t be the way to make the most money, but it is the most convenient.

Finally, for your furniture, online is definitely the way to go. Furniture usually moves pretty quickly on sites like craigslist, so a few photos and few few phone calls later, and you could have a decent amount of cash in hand for your furniture that you no longer used/want.

So this spring, rather than hit the dump, try these things out and give yourself a little extra to spend on making your home look as clean and stylish as possible.