Tips On Selling Wardrobe Items

dresses-53319_960_720One of the hardest types of things to sell are some of the most commonly bought. Though that first line may throw you a bit, it will make sense once you know what I’m talking about: clothes. People buy clothes quite frequently, but usually tend to go to stores and buy things new. Though some have started to discover that buying secondhand clothes is much more economical (and not gross at all as some would have you believe), it is a trend that is still only just taking hold.

So when pouring through your things, take a second look at what kinds of clothes you have, and let’s see if they have any resale value.

Typically, clothes only have good resale value if they were expensive to begin with. Well-known and high-end brands will do best. So if you have an expensive dress lying in your closet, or a high-end jacket, you may be in business.

Next, if the clothes are stained or torn, you can pretty much forget about selling them easily. True, there is a market for people willing to do some repairs on used clothes, but it is such a niche market that it’s not really worth your time.

As far as where to sell, look no further than eBay. There are actually loads of used clothes on the site. Everything from name-brand dresses to casual white linen blazers can be found either on auction or available to be purchased right away. There are also apps like Poshmark that are devoted to selling used clothes. With a little looking around, I’ll bet you can find more outlets too.

So don’t dismiss your closet as an area barren of any sellable items.