Selling Clothes Based On The Time Of Year

seasons-158601_960_720Of all of the things that you may have around your home, collecting dust and not being used, clothes tend to be one of the hardest things to sell. While you can typically put out a simple listing for electronics, furniture, books and other items, clothes are a little bit harder to sell. First off, most people don’t typically think of buying secondhand clothes unless it’s from a store dealing with that type of merchandise. Secondly, someone needs to be very interested to come out to check out an article or two of clothing knowing that if it doesn’t fit, there isn’t a lot more to try on. It’s very hit or miss.

So one idea for marketing your used clothes is to try to appeal to those looking for seasonal items. For example, just before winter, you may try selling winter coats and jackets. This is, after all, the time when people will be thinking about getting clothing to keep them warm for the winter months. The same goes for the summer. Any polo shirts or linen shirts, or even Bermuda shorts (like the stuff at can be marketed just at the end of spring as this is when those types of clothes attract attention.

As for where to try to sell, you can still use sites like craigslist and auction sites to find customers. Open flea markets are also a good idea (though they require some salesmanship). Mind you, this is best reserved for those with a good deal of items to sell. There are also apps that specialize in selling used clothes (a quick search will yield a few).

So that’s just one idea to help you sell off unused clothing.