Are Old Clothes Worth Much?

closet-jamWhile going through your home, in search of things to get rid of or sell, you will often find that your closet is chock full of clothes that haven’t been worn in ages. Whether it’s that winter coat that you never really liked or a dress that you wore once and never again, it seems such a shame to let these virtually perfect items go to waste.

Now, most people simply throw out, or donate their used duds. There’s nothing wrong with being charitable, but you could have a couple of items that could make you a little bit of extra cash. But not everything has value. Here’s how to tell:

  1. Is it a brand name? This is the biggest factor. When reselling an item, be it a coat or a purse, if it is a brand name (and expensive brand) then there is some potential resale value. People will be looking for vintage clothes by brands they otherwise couldn’t afford. That doesn’t mean that you’ll have to sell it for next to nothing, just that there is a potential market for it.
  2. Is it in good condition? Another huge factor. Clothes with stains or tears will not sell for any real amount. The only exception is if the item was originally thousands of dollars and a small repair would make it like new. But otherwise, damage means no-sale.
  3. Is it the right season/place? No matter what you’re trying to sell, it helps if the item is in season. For example, you could often sell valuable clothes to a pawn shop. But a pawn shop Miami probably will not have much use for a thick coat, even if it is expensive (it doesn’t really get cold down there). So keep in mind the realistic demand for the item. Try selling that coat in Milwaukee instead.

Anything you can’t sell should just be donated. There’s always a tax refund there.