Common Things Of Value

moneyWe often have loads of stuff lying around, gathering dust. Some of these things are literally junk. But others can be worth a pretty penny. The trouble is that it’s not always easy to tell if something is valuable or not. So we often hoard our old things on the basis of potential value, rather than sort out the trash from the treasure. It all depends on our ability to sift through it all and pull the gems out.

Fortunately there are a couple of ways to tell if you have something of value on your hands. It all boils down to a bit of research. Sure, you could try to find someone to appraise your items (or go to a pawn shop like!pawn-it—sell-it/cee5 or something like that) or, you could try a different approach. The best way to find the value of your items would be to  try to buy them online. Say you have an old, porcelain lamp. Go online and try to buy one as similar as possible and you’ll have a good idea of the price.

Sometimes the item itself isn’t all that valuable, but there is a niche market. Old video game systems and computers sometimes can turn up a fortune to the right buyer. Again, looking up the item as if you personally wanted to buy one will give you the idea of what you can expect to make off of it.

Don’t be surprised if you stumble across something that’s worth quite a bit. Everything from books to old spirits could be worth something. You just have to find the right market.

Don’t make it a big undertaking, trying to go through all of your stuff to find treasure all at once. Pick a few items at a time, and if you have something worthless, then you can get rid of it or put it up in a garage sale or donate it.