Finding Vintage Watches

watchesIf you’re a watch collector, then you know just how expensive it can be to add to your collection. Watches are one of the most subtle and yet also obvious ways to flaunt style and taste, and many watches will have you paying quite the pretty penny for them. So while some prefer to add to their collection of Rolex watches or Breitling watches, others like to look for something a bit different: vintage watches.

One of the lovely things about collecting vintage watches is that no two collections are quite the same. And you’re not necessarily looking for certain brands or models, but rather you are trying to find something unique and interesting. Only in a vintage watch collection could you find a Tag Heuer sitting proudly next to a Casio. So a high price is not a requisite.

Only trouble is finding such watches. Usually, what you can find online will be a bit on the expensive side. After all, most people won’t bother to list their watches unless they believe them to be of some substantial value. This is where thrift stores and pawn shops come into play.

These are two great places where you can find the unexpected. If you’re just looking for interesting watches, not necessarily expensive ones, then this is a treasure trove. Especially in larger cities. A pawn shop in Miami will yield more finds than one in a small town. You’ll be able to browse through many different ones till you find something you like. Usually, you can haggle the price a bit and get something that won’t break your bank. Pawn shops can also hold onto items for you if you’re willing to put down a deposit, which is an added benefit.