Getting The Most For Your Junk Car

classic-car-362176_960_720Nobody wants to waste an opportunity to make a little extra cash. So when there’s an old car lying around, there also lies a chance to make a little extra dough. But where to sell it and for how much will depend on the state the car is in. It will also depend on how fast you want to get rid of it. So let’s look at some options for selling a car in various states of upkeep.

If the car doesn’t work, and you know it’s more than a quick fix, your only option may be a junkyard. They will usually shell out a couple hundred for an old junky car. But, if the car has any kind of a following, you may be able to sell the parts individually to those willing to buy them. Check online first to see if there is any demand at all for the still-working parts in your car.

If the car works but isn’t in the best of condition, you may try a pawn shop. Many pawn shops (like theses guys here) will deal in cars, and if you’re not going to be able to sell it to an individual (as it may not be a real looker) sometimes it can be pawned or just sold.

If the car is still one you would drive yourself, and works fine, then you have more options. You could trade it in if you are looking to get a new one. If it looks good and doesn’t have too many miles on it, then listing it yourself and trying to find a buyer may be the ticket. Some lots will actually buy used cars even if you’re not buying one of theirs. So this one will obviously present you with the most freedom and options and you stand to make the most money.