Getting The Most For Your Online Sales

shop-1298480_960_720When trying to sell your used items online, you can face a lot of competition. There are typically dozens (if not more) of people selling similar items. This will often lead to some charging way less that then would like in order to stick out among the rest. While this can be a valid tactic, it is not the only one. So to assist you in your online sales endeavors, here are a few tips to help make you an online sales success.

  1. First you need to have good pictures of the item. Clean the item (if applicable) well and then take the photo of it against a solid color background (white is best). Ensure there is lots of lighting. If there are any imperfections, photograph them too and add that to the listing (you will be more trustworthy and also have a better chance at getting a good rating.
  2. See what others are charging and if there is a lot of competition, try charging only a few cents less. Many people list their items at the exact same price they see others selling for, and if a potential buyer sorts by lowest price, those few cents will put you on top.
  3. If the item has additional pieces that come with it, add that as part of the listing. Things like “with power cable” or “carrying case included” add to the value and should be mentioned.

These three tips (though basic) can really go a long way to helping you see your items online. This will also help you if you are trying to get a good price for them at a local pawn shop (like this one:!locations/cfvg) too. Even garage sales revenue can be boosted by applying the above simple rules.