Holding A Successful Garage Sale

banknote-15801_960_720When you’ve got too much junk and clutter around the house, a great way to deal with it is to hold a garage sale. This way you have the possibility of making a little money, and whatever you do not sell, you can throw out anyways. But there is more to a garage sale than just putting you stuff out on the lawn and throwing up a sign. You want it to be successful, right? Then follow the tips below to maximize your profits:

  1. Dust and clean off your items before placing outside. Dusty and dirty objects won’t sell for as much.
  2. Post ads for your garage sale in advance online. Include what kinds of things you have to offer in the listing.
  3. When placing signs, hit all the major streets in your area, and remember to get both directions of traffic.
  4. Don’t price things too high. Remember that people go to garage sales for a bargain. High prices can be off putting. People will haggle of course, but don’t expect to make a small fortune.
  5. Arrange your items by category. Electronics with electronics, books with magazines, etc. Make it easy to navigate.
  6. Anything that you think is of real value, research online before putting out for sale. You don’t want to sell pearls for pennies after all.
  7. If some items don’t sell, try taking them to a Hollywood pawn shop before throwing them away. Give making money one last chance!
  8. If you can, try to hold the garage sale over the course of a three day weekend. Give yourself as much time to sell as you can.

Those tips should help you do well at your next garage sale. Only variable is what you are actually selling.