Jewelry: Keep or Sell?

jewelryIt’s not too uncommon to find people that have requested large jewelry collections in their homes. This isn’t restricted to the wealthy either. Since jewelry is often given as a gift, handed down as an heirloom, etc and rarely parted with, a rather impressive collection of it can amass in a few short years. So one day, usually while doing some spring cleaning, this collection will be viewed and if it is not often worn, the idea of selling it will come up. But is selling it the right move? There are a few things you’ll want to check before making the decision.

First is the sentimental value the item may have. How did you get the piece? Was it a gift? Family heirloom? Did it belong to someone special who has passed away? Chances are that if you can’t remember then it isn’t that important.

Next is whether you wear it or not. Even if only for special occasions. Sometimes that one little piece can bring the whole outfit or look together.

Lastly is the value. This one is tricky. It can be hard to determine if the piece has any real value. You can search online or take it to a Miami pawn shop (or whatever city you live in) or an appraiser.

Now you’ll want to weigh those three factors together to make your final decision. If the piece has only small sentimental value by high monetary, then you may want to sell it. Any piece that isn’t really worth very much (even if just sold for the value of the gold or stones themselves) merry be better to keep. You may try actually wearing it once in awhile to at least give it some value to yourself personally.

Whatever you decide to do, if you run each item through the above, you’ll know you made the right choice in the end.