Monthly Money Saving

achievement-18134_960_720Every month, money is spent on the usual bills and expenses. THis is a normal part of life, but what if I told you that you are spending more than you really need to? It’s true! The average family could save a couple of hundred dollars a month if they really tried. Interested? Let’s see how to do it.

First, let’s talk about electricity. Chances are that you, or someone else in your home, is wasting some. Get yourself set up with LED bulbs. They are very efficient and last for years. Next, set the ac to a few degrees cooler than usual. This will save quite a bit on the overall bill. Finally, just make it a point to unplug unused appliances, and turn off the rest.

Next, let’s look at the things you occasionally buy. Things like furniture, electronics and things for the home. You would do quite well to shop for these items secondhand, either at a local pawn shop in Davie, thrift store or online. You can typically find what you need for a lot less than buying new.

You can also save money on certain other services and utilities. Things like internet, cellular service and cable TV. CHeck around for what the competition is offering and chances are that you will find a promotional deal which will end up costing you less. You could also call your existing provider and tell them that you wish to cancel your service. The person on the phone will ask why and tell them that the cost is too high. Very often, they will try to give you a deal rather than lose you altogether as a customer.It may seem like the above tips can be too time-consuming, but once you are used to it all, you will be able to see results in your first month or so, and the savings will be motivation enough to continue.