Old Gadgets: Sometimes Worth A Lot

computer-1431748_960_720We all have accumulated lots of old things throughout the years. Be it books, furniture or even technology. In the latter category, we usually think that value is lost quite rapidly. After all, devices become obsolete and they are no longer used by pretty much anyone after a few years. But old tech items can be surprisingly valuable.

Take the old Apple computers as an example. An old, operable Apple II is actually worth thousands of dollars. Old home PCs like the Commodore 64 or the ZX Spectrum can rake in decent cash if sold to collectors. That is actually where the market for these older items lie.

Old tech is a big collector’s item. Many people will spend years looking for good, working pieces to complete their collection. This can range greatly, spanning not only computers, but older video game consoles as well. It all depends on the rarity and the demand for the item.

And it’s not just hardware, but software as well. Certain old video games that are well out of publish can go for hundreds of dollars online.

If you have old tech lying around, then try to see if it works. If so, clean it up and try to find a buyer. If it doesn’t work, then don’t give up yet, as the parts may be valuable still. If all else fails and you can’t find a private buyer, some Hollywood pawn shops may take the item and at least you’ll get some return (which is still better than throwing it out).

As we move forward into the future of technology, there are those who still have a place in their heart for the systems and programs of years gone past. And fortunately for you, these people are usually willing to pay a good deal of money to be able to preserve these items for future posterity.