Selling Antique Furniture

dressing-tableSo, you’re getting kind of a late start towards spring cleaning (it’s nearly summer now, but hey, better late than never) and you have some old furniture sitting away in your attic or basement. You have 3 basic options here:

  1. Throw it away.
  2. Give it to a friend.
  3. Sell it.

If you’re trying to get rid of it quick because you have another use for the space it’s taking up (like putting more junk in there) then #1 may be your best option. #2 only works if you have a friend who wants it, and if not, you may end up back at #1. But #3 offers the best potential payback, but will require the most effort. Most people just list their stuff online with merely a guess at the price. This may be fine, but if your furniture is in good condition and is old enough, you may want to reconsider.

Antique furniture can sometimes go for a pretty penny. The only trouble is identifying if you have a gem on your hands or not. Here’s where a little research comes into play.

  1. Go online and try your best to find the exact piece. Looking for any markings as to brand or where it was produced may help. So will knowing the relative age of the item.
  2. Take photos of it to a pawn shop and see what they are interested in paying for it. You may sell it right there, or just get an idea of what you could get for it.
  3. If you think you have a treasure sitting in front of you, get it professionally appraised. You’ll have to pay for the service, but it could be worth it.

Don’t let the opportunity to make some extra money slip through your hands. Just do the little work required and see it pay off.