Selling Old Video Games

playing-video-gamesIn recent times, more and more adults were born during times when video games were always a part of their lives. I know this was true for me, being born in the mid 80’s, I had my NES controller almost always in my hands for many years of my childhood. This then became an N64 controller, Playstation, GameCube, Xbox, and so on. So needless to say, I had quite a collection of video games lying around the house. And while the nostalgia factor was really high, truth was that I didn’t play all those old games and consoles anymore. They were just in boxes gathering dust. So I decided to finally part ways with some of them (I’m keeping the NES) and sell them.

Now, if you’ve ever sold games to a games store, you know that this is the worst idea ever. You get VERY little for your stuff and sometimes only store credit. So this is not a good option. Instead, let’s look at some other ways to offload your old games for a somewhat decent amount.

The best way would be to list the items individually and hit up eBay and sites like that. You can see what others are selling similar items for (some games are a rarity and are actually worth a lot of money) and get an idea of what to charge. This will net you the most, but the downside is that it will take a while and you have to keep track of all those listings.

Alternatively, you could list the items in a bundle and only make individual listings for the choice items.

If you don’t really have anything of great value and want to get rid of it all, quickly, pawn shops in Miami would be a good choice. They will usually take the whole bundle and pay a decent amount.