What To Do With “Worthless” Items

yard-sale-signDuring a bout of spring cleaning, we will often encounter many items that we no longer use, but which have some potential resale value. These things may end up in a garage sale, a pawn shop in Hollywood, or even with a friend. But what about the tons of other stuff? The things which aren’t exactly trash, but are kind of worthless? Well, let’s see.


Clothes were either very expensive from the get go and thus have some resale value, or they aren’t. So if you have a load of average clothes that you don’t use anymore, don’t expect to make any money reselling them. A better idea is to go the old and tried route: donate them. Sometimes, these donations are tax-deductible so there is still some monetary return, aside from the return of knowing your donation helped someone out.


What about old electronics? Some can be donated like clothes, but many old electronics don’t work anymore or are so antiquated that they are not compatible with anything else. After checking to see if the antiquated ones have any value or not, you could recycle them. There are many recycling plants that recycle old electronic components. Much better than throwing them into the trash.


Again, sometimes there is some resale value, but if it’s an old and beat-up couch, you’re not going to get very much for it. Throwing these things away is a big pain in the butt. If it’s not in too bad of condition, then try to donate it. Usually, the company will come and pick it up for you. But if it’s too old and nasty, then the local dump may be your only option. Some places will recycle the wood in old furniture and turn it into mulch. It’s worth checking out as adding to already overflowing landfills isn’t a great idea.