question1One of the most common questions that I typically get from people looking to make a little extra cash by selling their stuff is, “Where is the best place to see my items?” Well, there’s no “one size fits all” answer for that. It really does depend on what you’re selling. It also depends on how much time you have to wait.

You see, selling items will yield you the most money by selling to the person who is going to use the item. Like you’ll always get more money selling a used video game console to an individual than you would by taking to the local game store. But finding a person can take some time and the video game store is instant cash (or credit).

So we all have the option to sell things online to individuals, so I’ll offer a list of the best places (that is, establishments) where you can sell items quickly, but not necessarily for the best price.

For electronics and jewelry, the best place to go would be a pawn shop. A Hollywood pawn shop will give you instant cash for your TV, gaming system, stereo, necklace, earrings, watch, etc. right away. Again, not the best price you’ll ever get for it, but it will be fast and painless.

For clothes, you may try a garage sale or going to a flew market. Sometimes you’ll find vendors who are willing to buy old clothes to later sell and so you’ll be able to off your old wardrobe fairly quickly. Obviously, you should hang on to any items that are of real value and try to sell those to an individual instead.

And if selling your items isn’t working, you could always try trading.